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IVETA (International Vocational Education and Training Association) is a network of vocational educators.  The network includes vocational skills training organizations, business and industrial firms, and other individuals and groups interested or involved in vocational education and training worldwide. IVETA is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality vocational education and training throughout the world.

IVETA is working to create a new era in communication among vocational educators globe. Members include practitioners, researchers, and students in the field of vocational education and training as well as institutions, organizations, and companies actively engaged in human resource development.


By joining IVETA, you become involved with an expanding, innovative organization that can help you reach out across international borders to assist and be assisted by vocational education and training developments in many countries.   Membership is open to anyone interested in improving the world through vocational education and training.  Membership includes benefits designed to help members in the profession of vocational education and training.


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