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What is IVETA?

IVETA is an organization and network of vocational educators, vocational skills training organizations, business and industrial firms, and other individuals and groups interested or involved in vocational education and training worldwide. IVETA is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality vocational education and training wherever it exists and wherever it is needed.

IVETA is working to create a new era in communication among vocational educators around the globe. Members include practitioners, researchers, and students in the field of vocational education and training as well as institutions, organizations, and companies actively engaged in human resource development.

IVETA celebrated its 30 Year Anniversary in 2014.  Some of the history of IVETA can be found in these documents:

IVETA strives to accomplish these purposes:

IVETA promotes the cause of international vocational education and training and provides focused, in-depth coverage of critical issues in the field and of new and exciting approaches to those issues.

IVETA's quarterly Hot Line brings you news of the organization, announcements of up-coming events, information on programs and developments, and reports of important conference presentations on the latest concepts and developments in vocational education and training worldwide.

An dynamic membership directory including telephone, Fax, E-mail, and other pertinent information about each IVETA member, provides quick and easy contact with a wide variety of your colleagues in vocational education and training across the globe.

IVETA's conferences and meetings provide opportunities for you to meet your global colleagues face to face and to share information and experiences for improving and advancing vocational education and training.

IVETA international membership provides a global network of contacts in vocational education and training  eager to learn about the ideas, programs, techniques, and products that you have developed and to share their own ideas and products with you as well.

Why Join IVETA?

IVETA membership provides the opportunity to attend and participate in conference presentations and activities that foster and support the international exchange of ideas, issues, developments, and contacts in vocational education and training. IVETA is an official affiliate of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE).  IVETA holds its annual meeting and two day conference at the ACTE convention in the December time frame. IVETA also holds collaborates with other organization to hold international conferences throughout the world.

IVETA lets you participate in the free exchange of information, news, and ideas with your colleagues around the world.

IVETA lets you take advantage of all the services provided by the organization.

Finally, IVETA membership can help you make a difference in the education and lives of vocational students and adults across the globe. IVETA can be your contact with that community through its general sessions and other meetings, its publications, committee work, professional growth and development seminars, and other professional activities.

Joining IVETA

By joining IVETA, you become involved with an expanding, innovative organization that can help you reach out across international borders to assist others develop programs and opportunities in vocational education and training developments in many countries.

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