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Candidates for IVETA President Elect – Term to begin Jan. 1, 2019 for two years, followed by a two-year term as IVETA President.  Three Candidates:

Javier Amaro

Javier is the director and founder of Insources Group, a privately owned Australian training and consulting organisation.  Insources Group is one of Australia’s leading providers of competency-based training, and through its Registered Training Organisation (RTO) ROI Institute Australia, delivers vocational education and training in the areas of education, leadership and management.

Javier has been involved in vocational training and education for more than 20 years. His experience includes designing and delivering more than 500 training programs for managers, supervisors, facilitators, trainers and assessors for Australia’s vocational and education sector. He is an entrepreneur and a skilled practitioner with expertise in all facets of instructional design, competency-based education and HR development programs.

Javier contributes to the Australian vocational regulatory framework by participating in numerous consultation processes and delivering keynote presentations and workshops. In 2010, Javier developed the first Code of Professional Practice for vocational education and training practitioners, which was published by the Australian Society of Training and Development (ASTDI). He was elected president of ASTDI in 2011.

Javier has delivered training programs and spoken at conferences and public events in Asia, USA, and Central-America, promoting quality vocational education and accountability.
Javier joined IVETA’s executive team in 2016 as IVETA’s Asia Pacific Vice-President and since them had promoted greater cooperation and collaboration between individuals and organisations, leading the organisation of regional events, and opening new opportunities for members to participate in IVETA's network.
He wants to lead IVETA's executive to continue supporting vocational education and training professional worldwide and to further expand the impact of IVETA's network.

John Gaal

Dr. Gaal is the Director of Training and Workforce Development for the St. Louis-Kansas City-Carpenters Regional Council. As a labor representative, he currently serves on the St. Louis County Workforce Development Board, Missouri Workforce Development Board, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans’ Board of Directors (Chair, Committee on Apprenticeship, Training & Education), National Skills Coalition’s Leadership Council, and US-DOL’s ApprenticeshipUSA LEADERs.

Within the past decade, he completed terms of service on the US DOL’s Federal Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship, International Vocational Education and Training Association’s Board of Directors, Association of Skilled and Technical Sciences’ President, SkillsUSA’s Board of Directors, Association for Career and Technical Education’s Board of Directors, and Board of Education at the St. Louis (AGC) Construction Careers Center Charter High School. Dr. Gaal received the Missouri Trade and Technical Outstanding Leadership Award in 2004, the Missouri NEA’s Horace Mann Award in 2007, the NAACP’s Labor Diversity Advocate Award in 2007, the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers 2008 Diversity Champion Award, the US Labor & Employment Relations Association’s 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2015 Outstanding Leader in TVET Award, and the 2016 St. Louis Construction Cooperative’s Dick Mantia Labor Award. John completed a union apprenticeship in carpentry over 30 years ago and has since earned an associate’s degree in construction management, a bachelor’s degree in architecture, master’s degree in international business, and a doctorate in organizational leadership.

In addition, he completed post-doctoral programs at Harvard University (Trade Union Leadership: 2009) and University of Florida (Marketing & Management: 2014). John was honored with two Fulbright (Specialist) Scholarships in Labor and Industrial Relations (Tokyo, Japan: 2010 and Toronto, Canada: 2015). He has published numerous articles on issues related to workforce development, education, and training. John was one of the chief architects of the BUD (Building Union Diversity) program in St. Louis that, since late 2013, has opened the career pathways to > 100 women and people of color in the construction industry. BUD has been recognized twice as a best practice by The White House. Dr. Gaal has been married for 34 years, has four children, and will soon begin his 23rd year as an adjunct professor at Webster University.


Brenden Tempest Mogg

My academic qualifications include a BA degree from the University of New South Wales; an MA from the University of Essex; an MLitt from the University of Oxford; and, an EdD from George Washington University.

I am an educator, trainer, lecturer, workshop facilitator, competencies assessor and personal mentor. Also, a consultant on higher education administration, quality assurance, international education, study abroad, professional development, lifelong learning, curriculum development,and vocational training.  I am a qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Counsellor.

My memberships include: Royal Society of Arts and Commerce (London); University of Oxford Said Business School, Education Society, Law Society, and the Oxford Union; the College of Teaching (London); and the Commonwealth of Learning.  I am committed to community service, and sponsor scholarships for worthy causes. I have held a Queen’s Commission as a Justice of the Peace for the State of New South Wales, Australia.

As Vice-President for Europe of the International Vocational Education & Training Association (IVETA), I have increased memberships, organised regional meetings, attended conferences, and contributed to executive meetings. I am dedicated to vocational and career education. My focus in a new role would be to continue marketing IVETA, public relations and networking with like-minded individuals and institutions.

Currently, I am  President of Warnborough College (UK/Ireland), CEO of Dr Brenden Education Solutions, and Chairman of Warnborough University Alliance. I reside in Canterbury, United Kingdom.

Candidates for Regional Vice Presidents – Terms to begin Jan. 1, 2019 for two years

Eastern and Western Africa – Two Candidates

George Muthaa - Biographical Information Not Received

Ayonmike Chinyere Shirley (Mrs.) Ph.D

Dr. (Mrs.) Ayonmike, Chinyere Shirley is a Lecturer in the Department of Technical and Business Education, Delta State University, Abraka Nigeria. She is the Head of Unit, Computer Science Education and Co-ordinator, Computer Science Education, Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) programme. She has special interest in Industrial Technology Education research, with over 20 research works published in both national and international reputable journals. Ayonmike C.S. has a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D) in Technical Education. A member of academic/professional bodies with distinctive contributions: International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA)-USA-Liaison-Officer (2014-date), Nigeria Vocational Association (NVA)-Treasurer (2011-date), member Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association(AVETRA), Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), and Association for Career Technical Education Research (ACTER). Ayonmike C.S. is happily married to Joseph and blessed with a lovely daughter Anino.


Wendy Cato

Wendy is a well-respected VET professional who has over 25 years working in the sector as a trainer/ assessor, managed four RTOs as well as providing quality consulting services and professional development services across Australia.  She has been the manager of the Linked In group RTO Professionals Discussion Group for the past 5 years, which has in excess of 5,500 Australian and international members that discuss many topics of relevance to national and international vocational education.

Wendy is recognised at both national and international levels as a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) specialist and as such has presented at a number of international and domestic forums on RPL including IVETA (Fiji), the Canadian Association of Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA), numerous VELG National Conferences and the Resources Training Council.

Wendy’s work during her term as the RTO Manager of Red R Australia (a humanitarian emergency response organisation) involved the identification of the need and processes for the recognition of the unaccredited training that is being broadly delivered by humanitarian agencies across Pacific nations in the areas of Logistics and Emergency Response. The process of RPL (in its various forms) is growing significantly internationally due to increase in people moving across countries / continents either voluntarily or involuntarily (refugees).

I believe I have much offer to the IVETA committee and IVETA members as a resource in regards to my broad range of experiences and networks.

EUROPE - One Candidate

Julian NG

I have been interested in TVET since I was a young lad. Despite being focused on an academic pathway, I was always encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities and the breadth of the things I learnt have held me in good stead over the years and helped me to engage with people from all walks of life. I have a strong passion for education – to steer people towards seeing the lightbulbs brighten up with their own eyes, to enable them to discover the learning for their own selves. This, I have been fortunate to engender at all levels in my career as an educator – from kindergarten all the way to University. TVET has the added benefit of being hands-on. This further dimension to learning is an extremely powerful tool. I believe that TVET can show traditional academia that learning does not have to be dry and boring, yet still produce results that are exceptional.  IVETA, being an international organisation, can effect a lot of change. It has a non-partisan approach to learning and collaboration, both of which begin with the Committee and its members. It can link and liaise with governments, organisations and industry. If I am nominated, I would like to encourage more collaboration between members, initiate dialogues with industry and governments on IVETA’s behalf through discrete projects as well as generally. We can only succeed in our mission if we share and work together.

NORTH AMERICA - Three Candidate

Vera Jacobson-Lundeberg

Dr. Jacobson-Lundeberg is passionate about aligning student Career and Technical Education needs with the needs of industry within San Mateo County’s K-14 education system.  She obtained a doctorate with a focus on empowering students using 21st Century Skills. She has published her research findings in the International Vocational and Education (IVETA) Journal and California Association of Professors of Educational Administration (CAEPA), “Pedagogical Implementation of 21st Century Skills.  She has created workshops for teachers, given talks at local, state, national and international conferences, lobbied at both state and federal levels, was the fellow for California’s CTE Professional organization and participated in the year-long Leadership for Development Institute (LDI) creating a new CTE delivery design for California’s K-12 Educational system.  Her recent article, Power Skills, was published in ACTE’s Techniques Magazine, January 2017. Dr. Jacobson-Lundeberg is currently the CTE Director of San Mateo County.

Davison M. Mupinga

I have been a active member of IVETA for over twelve years and have served the organization in various capacities, first as the IVETA Newsletter Editor and then as Editor of IVETA’s Journal of International Vocational Education and Training (IJVET).  I have extensive background and experience in vocational education and training, starting as a high school vocational education teacher, a community college instructor, and a career and technical teacher educator at universities in Zimbabwe and the United States.  I am currently an associate professor in career and technical teacher education at Kent State University. My research interests are in international technical and vocational education (TVET), specifically, program development and evaluation, and training of TVET teachers, trainers, administrators. In line with the purpose of IVETA, my desires as VP for North America, are to: a) continue creating opportunities for researchers and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise through forums such as conferences, online discussion forums, and conference proceedings; b) promote the IJVET as a tool to disseminate TVET information; and c) liaise with IVETA membership team to increase membership from North America.

Sandra Poirier

Dr. Poirier has been employed at Middle Tennessee State University since 2005.   She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences from Florida State University and University of Arizona respectively.  Her Ph.D. was received in 1998 from Florida International University in Miami, Florida,  in Adult Education/Human Resources Development.  Prior to coming to MTSU, Dr. Poirier taught three years at Zayed University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Additionally, she has worked at the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, and the Provincial Government of Alberta, Canada.  Dr. Poirier has been a member of IVETA since 2008 and attended many national and World Congress conferences in Malaysia, Nashville, Las Vegas, and New Orleans.   Dr. Poirier has more than 15 years of international teaching experience working in culturally diverse environments.  Her strengths include creating innovative educational programs with a focus on culture, identifying appropriate outreach efforts to solve community problems, and empowering students for successful careers.  She has been recognized for her ability to create and teach online courses, work as an advisor for a student organization, and creating positive educational strategies for optimal learning.

SOUTH ASIA - Two Candidates

Dato Sri Ganes

My foundation lies in TVET (Technical Education and Vocational Training). I founded and lead SG Education Group since 1999, which is the parent body of several five star rated skills training colleges across Malaysia. Accredited by the Department of Skills Development (DSD), under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia, SG Education is also accredited and recognised by prominent local and international institutions for its remarkable performance in the TVET industry. My goal is developing job-specific and industry centric training as an alternative pathway for those not inclined towards tertiary education. Moving along the transition towards digitisation, I have uniquely incorporated the skills and talents for Digital Economy in the TVET training in order to produce highly demanded workforce in the industry at international arena.

Further, I have shared, discussed and brainstormed ideas in the IVETA conferences since 2015 and has always been applauded for bringing the most beneficial information that will contribute to the IVETA community in line with its visionary missions. I contributed knowledge and funds to the noble efforts of IVETA with no hesitation, with the sole intention to enhance the preaching and practice of TVET throughout the world.

If I hold a position as an IVETA Executive Committee, it provides me a greater platform to spread the ideology of modern TVET that will contribute directly towards the nation building in which we recognise IVETA is the key that will open every country’s door to channel and distribute the knowledge and technology for TVET development.

Dr. P.T.Rajan, Ph.D  has been serving as the Principal of Karpagam Polytechnic College, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu State of India since 1999. He has been serving in the field of Technical Education for more than 30 years at various positions. He was awarded prizes for having guided best projects of Polytechnic students by the Govt.of Tamilnadu. He is also a winner of National Merit Scholarship for his high school studies. Dr.Rajan has published papers in International Journals and also presented papers in National and International conferences. He was also a referee for selecting and reviewing the research papers  for International journals and conferences. He visited many foreign countries to present papers in conferences and attend training programmes. He is also an invited speaker in conferences on Vocational Education. Dr.Rajan holds membership in Indian Society for Technical Education and IVETA and imparts various short term vocational training programmes for the youth and women through his college. He is an active social worker and contributing his expertise for NGOs.

- One Candidate

Wendy Perry

Fostering networks, exploring opportunities to collaborate worldwide, and learning from colleagues, all links to IVETA’s position as a leader on the future vision for vocational education and training.

Developing world-class TVET systems is a key personal goal and with over 22 years’ experience working across all Australian states and territories, and international connections in Bhutan, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and the USA, I’m keen to see world-leading TVET practice shared through IVETA.

Working across Education and Training including VET/Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), Employment and Entrepreneurship, 21st Century Capabilities and Future Jobs, Workforce Planning and Development for Employers and Industry, Regions and Countries, I am the Managing Director of Workforce BluePrint, where I mentor people from all over the world.

As General Secretary, it is important to record IVETA’s decisions, meetings and planning accurately and in a way that reflects the purposes of IVETA.  A role that through the dissemination of information, engages IVETA members and broader audiences interested in VET.  I look forward to contributing more formally to IVETA, serving members and the international VET community, thank you.

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East Europe and Central Asia

Southern Africa

Latin America and the Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa

Executive Director

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