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Executive Director - Mari Kontturi

Mari Kontturi was Vice President for Europe and has served in this position for the past four years.  Mari Kontturi holds a Master of Laws degree.  She is the Manager of International Affairs at Luovi Vocational College in Finland, the largest special needs education provider in Finland. She is involved in the work of European Platform of Rehabilitation as a center coordinator and active in several networks in Finland. Mari Kontturi has a qualification for teaching, too (vocational teacher). Before working in the field of vocational education and training Mari Kontturi worked as a lawyer in the labor administration and in the banking sector and she has also trained on the bench. She has also experience in working in the field of organizational activities in the Pulmonary Association Heli. She has been involved in international cooperation since 1997 and taken part in numerous projects.  Mari Kontturi joined IVETA in 2005. Luovi Vocational College is an institutional member in IVETA.

Regions of IVETA

In order to serve members in all parts of the world, IVETA is made of Regions, each representing a distinct area. Click on the name of the Region to go to that Region's Web page.

Regions include:

Eastern and Western Africa

Southern Africa

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Latin America and Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa

South Asia

East Asia and the Pacific


North America

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