IVETA Awards 2017

The Robert D Cain Business Organisation Awards

The Robert D. Cain Business Organization Awards are awarded to companies, government agencies, or educational institutions in recognition of support of IVETA, such as sponsorship of general association programs, conference activities, work release for association participation, publicity and publication assistance. Robert D Cain was a long-term business member who made significant contributions to IVETA.

Nominated by:  Carmel Thompson, Past President IVETA

Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ).

ITENZ is a national organisation representing private tertiary institutions in New Zealand.  They are the largest association covering all areas of tertiary education and are recognized by the NZ Government and their agencies as the main representative of the sector.

ITENZ is dedicated to uniting the private tertiary education sector and representing the collective membership in a competitive and challenging political environment.

ITENZ have hosted and supported this World TVET Conference 2017 in partnership with IVETA from 12-15 September 2017 in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

They welcomed delegates as part of a process of enhancing and strengthening TVET, assisting network activities that foster and facilitate the sharing of resources, experience, expertise and information in the world of VET.

IVETA indeed acknowledges and appreciates their hard work and distinguished service in bringing this successful conference to fruition.  They have genuinely earned this award and have our sincere thanks.

The Valued Supporter of IVETA Award

Dr. Ilhan GUNBAYI, Akdeniz University, Turkey.

Nominated by:  Mr Hakan Kahramaner, IVETA Vice President, East Europe & Central Asia

Dr Ilham Gunbayl is a Professor at Akdeniz University, Faculty of Education, Antalya, TURKEY.  He was a Past Vice President for East Europe and Central Asia from 2010-2015 and a member of IVETA since 2007.

He has been put forward for this Award because of his past service and also for recent development of publications and projects in the field of VET.

Ilhan is a popular member of the IVETA TEAM because of his enthusiasm and innovative views on TVET.  He is a regular presenter at our International Conferences.

He is a popular choice for this award and we are sure he will continue to be an important contributor to IVETA in the future.



Joel Magisos Exceptional Service Award (2 Winners)

The Joel Magisos Exceptional Service Award is awarded to recognize long-term individual achievement in support of IVETA.  Particular attention is placed on activities relating to the continuing development and growth of the organization. A nominee must be a current member of IVETA who has been involved in Association activities over several years.  The award honors the contributions to IVETA of Joel Magisos, a sustaining Charter Member.   


Nominated by:   Mr Baharudin Abdullah, President Elect IVETA.

Javier Amaro is the CEO of Insource Education and is the IVETA Vice President for East Asia and the Pacific Region.  He has been a member of IVETA for 4 years and in that time has actively marketed IVETA in an effort to increase membership through his organisation with their substantial database of over 2,000 VET providers.  He attends IVETA International Conferences, presenting papers on current issues and Javier is also Chair of the IVETA Marketing and Membership Sub Committee.

He recently held a successful  IVETA Regional Conference in June 2017 in Sydney, Australia, which attracted 450 participants. 

Javier has a passion for VET on both a professional and personal level and is a worthy recipient of this award in 2017

Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg, Warnborough College

Nominated by:  Mr Baharudin Abdullah, President Elect IVETA

Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg is the President of Warnborough College.  He is also currently the IVETA Vice-President for Europe and has been for the past two years.

Brenden is an enthusiastic member of the Executive Committee and has held a Regional Conference in Canterbury, UK for European VET providers in 2017 which was very well attended.  He has great ideas on innovative marketing/use of social media  and has been appointed to the Marketing and Membership Sub Committee.  

He attends many conferences/graduation ceremonies internationally and always manages to promote IVETA at such function.

Brenden is a very loyal and active member of IVETA who willingly shares his knowledge and expertise with others.  He is therefore a very worthy recipient of this award in 2017.