International Vocational Education 
and Training Association

IVETA Constitution

Article 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be the "International Vocational Education and Training Association" (IVETA), herein referred to as the Association.

Article 2: Purposes

The purposes of this Association shall be to:

2.1 promote professional linkages among international vocational educators and trainers;
2.2 serve as a forum for sharing vocational education and training problems and solutions worldwide;
2.3 promote and assist in the development of vocational education and training as an international enterprise;
2.4 facilitate the worldwide dissemination of vocational education and training information.

Article 3: Membership

A member is defined as an individual or organization that has paid the annual membership dues. The Association shall consist of four member groups:

3.1 members of the Association shall be persons interested and/or engaged in activities related to international vocational education and training. Such members shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Association without restriction;
3.2 student members of the Association shall be persons interested in vocational education and training and registered as full or part-time students. Such members shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Association without restriction;
3.3 institutional memberships shall be restricted to organizations engaged in international vocational education and training pursuits. Each institutional member shall have the right to three individual memberships.

3.4 The membership period for new members shall commence on the first day of the month after the payment has been received by the treasurer and last for 12 months..

Article 4: Membership Dues

Annual membership dues shall be set in United States currency ($US) with the dues held in an account approved by the Executive Committee.

Article 5: Association Officers (Thirteen Members)

The Association Officers shall consist of a President; a Past President, a President Elect, Executive Director, General Secretary, Executive Secretariat, and Vice Presidents representing distinct geographic regions generally based on World Bank regional areas (i.e., Africa, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, EU/Europe, and N. America). ). The Executive Committee has the power to adjust the regions as conditions warrant.  The Officers shall be elected by the members and form an Executive Committee.  The Executive Secretariat and Executive Director shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Secretariat shall become a non-voting member.  The Executive Secretariat and Executive Director position and duties are defined by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee has the prerogative to split the responsibilities of the Executive Secretariat into auxiliary positions on a temporary or permanent basis if conditions warrant.

Article 6: Duties of Association Officers

6.1 The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee. The President shall be responsible for the functioning of all committees. Should the President be absent or fail to perform the stated duties, the President Elect will then assume this responsibility.

6.2 The President Elect shall serve in lieu of the President. In the event the President Elect cannot assume the responsibilities, the Executive
Committee shall appoint a Chair Pro-tem who will act until either the President or President Elect may again assume such responsibilities or until the next election of officers.

6.3 Each regional Vice President shall represent the Association in their respective geographic regions. Each shall be responsible for initiating and maintaining professional contacts within and between regions, promoting the purposes of the Association and reporting on significant developments within the region. In addition, regional Vice-Presidents will communicate and coordinate Association efforts on an intra-regional basis;

6.4 In consultation with the President, the General Secretary shall develop and distribute meeting agendas, keep accurate records of the Executive Committee and General meetings and deal with general communications;

6.5 The Executive Secretariat shall be responsible for soliciting and processing new memberships and renewals, keeping an up-to-date list of old members and new members in good standing for the program year, providing members of the Executive Committee with such a list, and transmitting dues from new or renewed members to the Treasurer. The Membership Secretary shall perform such other duties related to membership recruitment and maintenance as may be assigned by the President;

6.6 The Executive Secretariat shall be responsible for receiving and accounting for the Association's funds.

Article 7: Term of Office

7.1 each elected officer shall serve for a two year term, with the exception of the President who serves for only one two year term, and may be elected to the same office consecutively for only one additional term.  In the event that a nominee for any position is not identified for an office for a given election cycle, the Nominating Committee may allow a two-term incumbent to run for an additional two-year term;

7.2 the President Elect succeeds automatically to the Office of the President two years after he/she is elected;

7.3 if an elected member of the Executive Committee cannot complete his or her two year term, the Presidents, with the consent of the majority of the Executive Committee, will nominate and appoint a person to complete the remainder of the term.  The replacement may run for office at the end of his/her appointment.

7.4 a vacancy created by the inability to serve in an office shall be filled through an appointment by the Executive Committee from the Association membership. This appointee shall serve until the next election of Officers of the Association. The appointee shall meet the criteria specified in Article 8.

Article 8: Officer Eligibility

To be eligible for nomination for office, a person shall:

8.1 have been an Association member for two consecutive years prior to the nomination date;
8.2 have previously held an Association office if being appointed for the Office of President Elect;
8.3 in the case of a regional Vice President, be a resident of a country in the designated region and an Association member for one year;
8.4 be prepared to fulfill the functions of the Office and attend Association meetings

Article 9: Meetings

9.1 The Association shall hold an annual business meeting at which will be received reports from the Association Officers and Committee Chairs. Additional business meetings may be called at the discretion of the President through the Executive Committee normally upon sixty days written or printed notice to Association members.
9.2 The Association can hold regional meetings of a general nature under the chairmanship of the President of the Association or the respective regional Vice President.

Article 10: Publications

Association publications shall be limited to those that promote the cause of international vocational education and training. All publications shall be approved by the President through the Executive Committee. The Newsletter Editor and the Journal Editor are responsible to the President.

Article 11: Committees

11.1 Executive Committee 

Shall consist of the President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, regional Vice Presidents, Executive Director, General Secretary, and the Executive Secretariat. The Executive Committee shall be the administrative body of the Association and shall be empowered to transact business on behalf of the Association.  The Executive Secretariat serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

11.2 Nominating Committee.
Upon assuming office, the President shall appoint a committee to nominate a slate of candidates for Association officers for the subsequent term of office; the Nominating Committee shall select candidates for each elected office and prepare the election ballot. Association members may submit names of nominees to the Nominating Committee.

11.3 Program Committee
upon assuming office, the President in concert with the President Elect, shall appoint a committee which shall be responsible for organizing the international program and business meeting.

11.4 Audit Committee.
Upon assuming office, the President shall appoint a committee to audit the financial records. This appointment process shall occur prior to the annual business meeting.

11.5 Special Committees
The President shall appoint committees as the need arises and shall designate an Association member to be responsible for the functioning of a special committee

Article 12: Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution may be made by a two-thirds vote of Association members present at the Association's annual business meeting and will become effective immediately upon a majority vote. Such amendments must be submitted to the membership at least sixty days before the Association's annual business meeting. The Executive Committee must therefore receive amendments to the Constitution from Association members at least ninety-five days before the Association's annual business meeting.

Article 13: Meeting Procedures

Robert's Rules of Order shall apply for all meetings. The Executive Committee will adopt necessary regulations and procedures as needed to implement IVETA activities, and these will be posted on the IVETA Intranet web site.

Article 14: Dissolution

In the event that the Association is dissolved, all assets remaining after the payment of outstanding debts and obligations shall be transferred to a 501(c)3 organization with a focus on vocational education and training.

Adopted December 1995
Amended December 1998
Amended December 2006

Amended December 2008

Amended-December 2012


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