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Members are encouraged to submit articles.

Vol. 20 and 21, Issue 1 and 2 were moved back to Kent State under Davison Mupinga  Davison will continue to edit the journal through 2015.  Those who wish to submit articles to the journal need to be members of IVETA.  Guidelines for submitting an article to the Journal Click Here to access the guidelines.

Beginning with Vol. 22 2014, IVETA will publish the journal electronically.  This decision was made due to the increased cost of printing and postage.  There will be no change to the quality.

For those who wish not to join IVETA but want access to the Journal, click on Join or Renew.  Move to the bottom of the page and click on Journal subscription. 

When the IVETA, Executive Secretariat moved to Ohio, it provided an opportunity for IVETA members to purchase back issues of the Journal and copies of the 30th Anniversary Booklet for the cost of shipping.  The cost of shipping them to Ohio is too costly.

The cost of shipping 2-3 issues of the journal weighing in at 2 pounds is $24 to either Nigeria or Australia.  Fees within the US are $9.  This gives you an understanding of why we are no longer printing the journal on paper.  You can go online to find the other costs.

Two pounds of the 30th Anniversary Booklet would be approximately 15 copies.  The cost would be the same as above.  

Exceeding 2 lbs. requires a custom form be filled out for the package.

We also have quite a few of the orange IVETA 30th anniversary bags.

If you wish to purchase any of these, you will need to send the funds using either a check on a USA bank, a postal money order (US Postal Service) or Money Gram to:

Barbara Herrmann, 186 Wedgewood Drive, Mahtomedi, MN.

If your order is greater than 2 or 3 issues, Barbara can estimate the cost of postage and send you the bill.  Unfortunately she cannot accept funds via credit card or wire transfer.  If you wish to purchase using your PayPal account letter her know.  

For a list of the issues of the journal available Click Here.  This offer is only available through 2015.  After that date the left overs will be sent to be recycled.

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